Hiab Effer 1000

Hiab launches the EFFER 1000, featuring a nine section boom structure, six JIB extensions, a V10-Force decagonal boom shape and various other features.

Effer 1000 1

Hiab, part of Cargotec, announced the launch of EFFER 1000 which brings new vertical lifting power to a 90 tm heavy range loader crane. Its performance and size make it ideal for operation in metropolitan areas with tall buildings where it can work with heavy loads at high heights. 

  • A nine section boom structure
  • Six JIB extensions — multipower JIB
  • A V10-Force decagonal boom shape
  • EFFER’s Progress 2.0 control system, which retrieves usage and performance data
  • Progress 2.0, which delivers safety features
  • A lifting capacity of 2,300 kilograms at max outreach of 26 meters 
  • A max payload of 5,800 kilograms at a 23 meter outreach
  • Weighs 9,500 kilograms, reducing emissions and cost of ownership
  • Ability to be installed with the optional EFFER’s V-Stab and CroSStab 
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