Case Completely Redesigns for B Series Skid Steers

Improved skid steer and compact track loader power is integrated with new control and operator interfaces to elevate construction productivity

Case Tv370 B
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At World of Concrete 2020, Case Construction Equipment launched its next generation of compact track loaders and skid steers. The B Series includes five CTLs and eight skid steers spanning radial and vertical lift patterns, as well as numerous horsepower and size classes.

“The B Series retains the styling of previousCase Sr210 B 6 Case loaders, yet critical operational systems have been re-engineered for greater performance, and fully integrated with new control and operator interfaces to give contractors a powerful match of productivity, efficiency and convenience,” says George MacIntyre, product manager for compact equipment at Case.”

The completely redesigned B Series operator interface includes new left- and right-hand posts with simple ignition, Microsoft Teams Imagepush-button operation, easy throttle control and intuitive switches for all core machine functions. Buyers may choose between standard mechanical, mechanical hand-and-foot, and electro-hydraulic controls. An all-new eight-inch LCD multi-function display with backup camera comes with all electro-hydraulic models – and it can be added to mechanical configurations for use with the backup camera and operational displays. Electro-hydraulic models provide the simplicity of switching between ISO and H operating patterns with the push of a button.     

The new 8-in. LCD multi-function display includes the industry’s only backup camera view in a split screen with machine data. The camera is operational in both forward and reverse and enhances the B Series’ visibility with more job site perspective and awareness.

The display also provides operators with the most fully functioned operator experience ever found in a Case CTL or skid steer, including:

New Electro-Hydraulic Control Performance: Operators can set total machine responsiveness to low, moderate or aggressive, or independently set tilt, lift and drive speed, as well as loader arm and driveControllers control to best meet the demands of the job.   

New “Creep Speed” Capability: Creep Speed allows the operator to set machine speed at a consistent/slow “creep” while independently setting attachment speed via the throttle for optimal use of high-capacity hydraulic attachments such as cold planers and brooms.

New Operator Profiles: Operators can store and recall specific setting profiles to match either individual operator preference or job types.

New Economy Mode and Engine Protection Settings: New Case B Series skid steers and CTLs feature engine shutdown, ignition timeout and engine protection features that extend the life and performance of the engine, battery and other critical systems. 

New Automotive-Style Information Display: From basic operational information such as engine hours and fluid levels to “trip meters” and utilization data that provide fleet managers and operators greater insight into machine performance, all new B Series models improve total operational intelligence.

New and Improved Fault Codes and Troubleshooting: New fault codes with descriptive text help identify specific issues with the machine and make it easier to communicate with the dealer to determine next steps, if necessary.

Advanced visibility

Case has enhanced the B Series’ 360-degree visibility with the new backup camera and a cab-wide rearview mirror that comes standard on all machines. The low entry threshold and large front window improve visibility to the attachment. Large side windows and a curved rear window improve sightlines to the sides and rear. Low-profile rear hoods, and low H-Link on vertical-lift models don’t impede visibility to the rear.  

Comfortable operation

The low entry threshold built into each machine allows easy cab entry and exit. Case has one of the widest skid steer and CTL cabs in the industry for improved operator comfort. Joysticks on electro-hydraulic models have been Case Sr210 B 2designed with a narrower, more comfortable grip, closer switch layout and smaller head size for easier operation. The electro-hydraulic pods on each joystick are smaller to allow the operator more legroom.

Mechanically controlled models of the SR210B and larger models also feature servo-assisted joysticks for easier operation and less operator fatigue.

The cupholder and storage areas in select models have also been repositioned to provide even more legroom, and options such as a Bluetooth radio and heated seats further improve total operator comfort. 

Power for productivity

The Case B Series provides either standard, high-flow or enhanced high-flow auxiliary hydraulics with pressures up to 4,000 psi for running high-capacity hydraulic attachments such as cold planers and mulchers. All models additionally feature a connect under pressure manifold design that allows for quick and toolless removal of hydraulic lines.

Additional optional features such as Ride Control and self-leveling further improve overall operator performance and efficiency.   

Maintenance-free Tier 4 Final emissions

All B Series models (except the SR160B) feature either a cooled exhaust gas Case Tv370 Brecirculation (CEGR) design with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) that requires no fluids or lifetime filter maintenance, or a CEGR design with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment (on 90 hp units) that also requires no lifetime filter maintenance – although it does require filling with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) as needed. 

Daily checks on all models are simple, with all regular service points and checks easily grouped at the rear of the machine. Fleet managers can further simplify maintaining B Series models by adding an optional Case SiteWatch telematics subscription that provides insight into operational data, service intervals and total machine performance – and Case dealers can be granted access to that data to further build proactive service and support plans around each machine.

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