Cat 770G and 772G Off-Highway Trucks

Cat 40- and 52-ton haul trucks come with programmable economy mode, and an adaptive economy mode that automatically saves fuel without sacrificing power when needed

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Caterpillar's 40-ton 770G and 52-ton 772G haul trucks offer two programmable operating modes: Economy and Adaptive Economy. Economy Mode lets the customer select a derate value between 0.5% and 15%. Then, at the touch of a button, Economy Mode applies steady power deration across all portions of the haul cycle. In Adaptive Economy Mode, the truck monitors power demand, delivering fuel savings when possible and horsepower when needed.

  • Cat says its new APECS transmission control strategy improves shift quality and delivers faster acceleration, better speed on grade and faster cycle times
  • APECS modulates shift points to match optimum operating speed and torque, minimizes torque spikes and reduce drive-train stress
  • Optional advanced Traction Control modulates wheel slip by selectively applying the service brakes, speeding response at lower speeds? ?
  • Engines: 477 hp Cat C15 in 770G; 550-hp Cat C18 in the 772G
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction, requiring diesel exhaust fluid, satisfies Tier 4 Final emissions standards
  • New Auto Neutral Idle automatically shifts the transmission into neutral after the brake has been on for more than 15 seconds while in a forward gear
  • Hydraulically driven, on-demand cooling fan
  • One-piece wheel and hub simplifies servicing and reduces leak potential
  • CONEXPO-CON/AGG Booth #10915, 1015, 1332 and 85301
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