Missouri S&T Asphalt Conference

Type: Conference/Expo
Date: 12/03/13 12:00 AM CT - 12/04/13 12:00 AM CT
Location: MO United States
Web site: http://asphalt.mst.edu/registration/
Email: dce@mst.edu
Phone: (573) 341-6222

The 56th annual Missouri S&T Asphalt Conference at the Missouri University of Science & Technology is designed for contractors, public agencies, consulting engineers, testing labs, aggregate producers, asphalt binder suppliers and equipment technical reps.

Presentations at the conference include:

  • Impact of specific gravities
  • Upcoming shingle mix specifications
  • Plant limitations with high recycled materials contents
  • Shingle pooled fund study
  • Friction mixes
  • High air void design mixes
  • High recycle content mixes
  • Pavement distress types
  • Asphalt on roller compacted concrete
  • Chip seal design and construction
  • Rejuvenators
  • Sealcoat materials
  • Best inspection practices
  • Longitudinal joint construction
  • Plant adjustment impact on binder content
  • Evaluation of compactive effort
  • NASCAR track repair
  • Tack coat specification update
  • VMA change update
  • Rumble strip performance
  • MAPA update