Rentcycle Rebrands to Getable, Launches App for Rental Shops

Rentcycle, the leading provider of product rental reservations online, unveils a new product offering in the form of an in-store rental management solution. The cloud-based system, available to rental businesses both as a web app and an iPad application, organizes inventory data, customer information, payments, and real-time analytics on business performance. Now, any of the 65,000 rental shops across the U.S. can manage their in-store reservations through the same system that facilitates their online reservations.

This new strategy is marked by a new name as the company rebrands to Getable. The inspiration for Getable is to highlight the benefits of an access-based economy and to redefine what it means to rent. The rise of ZipCar, Airbnb and other Collaborative Consumption companies has proven that people don’t need to own everything in their lives, often preferring the option to gain access. Getable connects people to their favorite products on-demand from trusted rental establishments. Whether you’re looking for a snowboard for a weekend trip to the mountains or a designer dress for that fancy wedding, a post-ownership lifestyle is attainable through Getable.

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