Genie Notifies Customers of Faulty Component

On March 8, Genie notified its customers that a supplier component used on the Genie TZ-34 and TZ-50 produced between January 1, 2010 and May 1, 2011 can result in a machine fire. This also affects older machines that were updated with this component as a service part in the same time frame. The part in question is the motor controller.

Genie is providing a kit which contains a contactor to address this. The kits are available free of charge through Genie and Genie is ready to send out kits immediately.

Note: The story "Genie recalls 500 work platforms", which originally appeared in Access International, contained certain factual errors. The above information is the corrected statement provided by Terex Aerial Work Platforms, which manufacturers Genie aerial work platforms.