View and Control Your TrueLook Jobsite Webcam With New Mobile App

TrueLook, a leading provider of interactive webcam systems, announces a new mobile application that enables clients to interact with their webcams directly from any smartphone or tablet. The mobile app boasts nearly all of the interactive features from the full TrueLook web interface, making TrueLook webcams more accessible and mobile. The app is currently free for
both iOS and Android devices, via the iTunes App Store and Google Play respectively.

Project managers often use TrueLook’s services to monitor and time-lapse jobsites. Whether on-the-go or in an important meeting, managers can instantly present live jobsite images and archives from their phone or tablet.

The TrueLook app requires that users log in, to ensure privacy for each client. Once logged in, users can view live images (or video) from their webcams. Webcam images can be shared via email or Facebook directly from the application. Images can also be saved to the user’s mobile device or into an online photo album. Users can also zoom and aim their cameras with the mobile app, or instantly zoom to preset hotspots.

A number of image archiving features have been included in the mobile app. All time-lapse photography archives are available for viewing as videos. Users can even pull up a calendar to view time-lapse videos at certain dates.

Users can take pictures with their mobile device and upload these images directly to their webcam’s photo album. This gives construction project managers an easy and immediate way to create online archives from pictures taken on-site.