Contractors Split on How to Fund Highway Trust Fund Shortfall

On Monday we asked:

"Federal highway spending currently exceeds revenues coming into the Highway Trust Fund by $15 billion per year. Do you support:"

Here's what you said:

  • 33% -- Cutting federal highway spending by $15 billion per year
  • 40% -- Increasing Highway Trust Fund revenue (raising taxes) by $15 billion per year
  • 27% -- A combination of reducing federal highway spending and raising taxes to balance Highway Trust Fund spending and revenues

We also asked:

"Where do you feel the greatest cost efficiencies can be found in federal spending programs?"

Here's what you said:

  • Investigate the redundancies in federal programs. For instance, education and social programs; highway and infrastructure programs; etc.
  • Stop paying the unions, get rid of prevailing wage requirement - you could get it done for half
  • Award bid to the lowest bidder, even if they are non-union. It is tax payer money, use it wisely. We are taxed enough!
  • I do not feel it necessary (though quite nice) to pave every inch of every road in the U.S., and that is what is being done. Reality is we can only pay back so much of the money we borrow.
  • Reduce, then eliminate transit subsidies from direct highway user fee sources. That would gain back $6 billion per year without raising user fees. Raise motor fuel taxes now, add VMT based collections in the near future.