Aggreko Launches New Mobile Service Center for Customers in Remote Locations

Aggreko has introduced a way to make it easier for customers to access utility-scale power in challenging geographic areas.

New, customizable, mobile service centers will provide customers with immediate access to Aggreko's rental fleet, maintenance services, sales personnel and technicians. They will be of particular relevance for mining companies and oil and gas production.

"Aggreko has served the mining and oil and gas industries for more than 50 years, and we are proud to provide this new offering," said Robert Harrison, vice president, area general manager, Aggreko Canada. "The mobile service centers will help to solve the unique issues our customers face in getting power in remote locations, including the mountains of Northern Alberta, where grid access does not exist and the nearest utility is miles away. They will provide the superior, highly responsive service our customers need."

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