Plane Crash Staged for April Fool's Prank at California Rental Business

Billy Cheesman Jr. staged an elaborate April Fool's Day joke on Monday, April 1, when he made it look like a small airplane had crashed into his Yucaipa, CA equipment rental business.

“A couple people called me up and said they couldn’t believe what they saw,” Cheesman said. “I’ve gotten a lot of pictures. I’ve really gotten nothing but positive feedback.”

Cheesman used a forklift to arrange the two-seat experimental aircraft as if it had taken a nosedive over the fence that runs in front of his business, Redlands Yucaipa Rentals. Yellow caution tape was strung up, making it look even more like a crash scene.

Cheesman, 43, of Yucaipa, called the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, which provides police services in Yucaipa, in advance to advise deputies about the April Fool's Day joke, just in case they received any calls about it.

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