Noble Iron Announces Re-Election of Board of Directors

Sharleholders at Noble Iron Inc. have re-elected its entire board of directors. Re-elected to the board were Malcolm Hunter, Harry Jaako, Nabil Kassam, Samir Manji, Aly G. Mawji, William Palmer, Ron Schwarz and William Swisher. Biographies of Noble Iron's Directors can be found at

At a meeting of Noble Iron's Board, following the AGM, Samir Manji, William Palmer and Ron Schwarz were elected to chair the company's Investment, Compensation and Audit Committees, respectively.

Nabil Kassam, Noble Iron's Executive Chairman, noted "our Board, along with our entire team, customers and partners, has been instrumental to our success." He continued, "with our board's guidance, we look forward to continue building the Noble Iron model, and reinventing the equipment rental and dealership industry."

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