Boise State Prof Requires iPads for Construction Management Students

Starting this fall, all freshman enrolled in Boise State University professor Casey Cline’s construction management class will be required to use iPads.

The devices are essential, he says, to the new way of managing projects on site without the traditional paper and pens, from uploading data reports and photos to accounting for changes in job specs and safety materials.

"Some construction firms I work with are going completely paperless,” Cline told The Idaho Business Review. “Crews can upload building information models right from the field. . It's incredible."

For example, Hoffman Construction’s crews and the its team of subcontractors working on the $70 million Jack's Urban Meeting Place project in downtown Boise rely on iPads.

"Being able to get issues solved basically on the factory floor by being able to pull up plans right there or look at 2-D models is huge," said Noelle Spencer, a Hoffman project engineer.

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