InfoGraphic Promotes Recycling Roofing Shingles into Asphalt blogged about recycling roofing shingles into asphalt and included an info graphic that encourages everyone from homeowners to government agencies to take up the landfill-reducing practice.

"Recycling shingles rather than dumping them in landfills actually saves the contractor and homeowner money. In some cases, it costs half as much to recycle shingles compared to the tipping fee costs at landfills," according to the blog.

The graphic points out that about 4.5 percent of material going into landfills is roofing waste. But the shingle roof of an average U.S. home can pave 200 ft. of two-lane highway.

Source of shingle-recycing info graphic below:

Shingle Recycling - From the Roof to the Road