Ann Arbor Entrepreneur Develops Equipment Rental Site to Encourage Inter-Municipal Tool Sharing

Often times, large municipalities buy equipment they need, but don’t use on a regular basis. And smaller municipalities will often rent equipment from outside contractors because they can’t afford to buy equipment that doesn’t get used frequently.

At least that’s Ann Arbor web developer and entrepreneur Alan Mond’s take on things.

Mond said that the gap in need between large and small municipalities lead him to create – a website that allows large and small municipalities the opportunity to rent equipment from one another at an inexpensive rate.

“Large municipalities have expensive equipment that goes underutilized and small municipalities tend to rent at high rates instead of purchasing equipment,” Mond said.

“What we want to do is have a network where every municipality can sign up for and have access to equipment all over the country.”

Mond has pitched the idea to representatives to about 30 officials in Milan, Manchester, Dundee, Ann Arbor, Dundee and other places in the Southeastern Michigan region, as well as some county officials.

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