Chance to Win a New Ford F-150 Truck Highlights Call 811 Before Digging

The Dig Safely partners of MISS DIG System Inc. are sponsoring a drawing for one lucky Michigan resident to win a 2014 Ford F-150 STX 4x4 truck as an incentive for residents to remember to call 811 to have underground utilities marked before beginning any digging projects.

Residents of the Great Lakes State are encouraged to enter the drawing now through Aug. 10 by visiting the MISS DIG website at or by sending a postcard to the one-call center's Auburn Hills headquarters*. The drawing will be held and the winner announced on Aug. 11, 2014.

The Dig Safely partners of MISS DIG System, Inc., are Consumers Energy, DTE Energy, SEMCO Energy and TransCanada.

"This contest is a way to continue raising awareness about the need to call 811 at least three working days before beginning any digging project to have underground utilities marked," said Bruce Campbell, CEO of MISS DIG System, Michigan's one-call excavation safety and utility damage prevention company.

"Safe digging procedures can then be followed to help prevent unintentional dig-ins to gas, electric, cable, water, sewer and fiber optic lines as well as property damage and possible personal injury. Every digging job requires a call, from small jobs like planting trees and shrubs to large projects like building and road construction."

Eliminating dig-in damages was a focus of the Michigan legislature and Dig Safely partners as they worked for more than a year to pass legislation that enhanced the "MISS DIG Act" or Public Act 53 to incorporate best practices for underground digging.

Safe digging tips for homeowners include:

  • Call 811/MISS DIG at least three working days before digging to have underground utilities marked.
  • Wait to start projects until you're sure all lines are marked or cleared by the utility. This can be confirmed by contacting MISS DIG at 811.
  • Respect the marks and dig with care, especially if using power equipment. If your project is within four feet of the utility marks modify your plans and stay more than four feet from the marks, or use a wooden handle shovel to carefully expose the lines before starting excavation.
  • Ask your contractor to confirm 811 has been contacted before allowing any digging work to proceed

MISS DIG System, Inc. has the largest total ticket-taking volume of any one-call center in the U.S., handling more than 20 million total dig notice requests since its formation in 1970. It has more than 1,000 participating members that mark their underground utility lines and provide overhead electric line assistance to ensure adequate clearances are maintained.

*MISS DIG System, Inc. mailing address:  3285 Lapeer Road West, Auburn Hills, MI 48326