Asphalt Resurfacing Projects Win Top Paving Award

The Ohio Department of Transportation - District 9’s Construction Department and one of its contractors have been recognized for outstanding performances following resurfacing projects in Ross and Pike counties.

ODOT District 9 and Shelly & Sands Inc. received the 2013 Quality Award for Asphalt Paving from the Flexible Pavements of Ohio Association for resurfacing projects on state Route 220 in Pike County and County Road 207 (Watson/Vigo Road) in Ross County; both of which were completed during last year’s construction season.

“We have an outstanding team of engineers, inspectors and technicians working throughout the district, and I congratulate our crews and the contractors for their efforts to deliver successful projects that not only preserve our transportation network, but also serve the traveling public well,” said ODOT District 9 Deputy Director Vaughn Wilson.

The district’s construction teams worked in tandem with the contractors to assure quality control for materials, workmanship and smooth riding quality. Leading the C.R. 207 project for ODOT were Jason Bednarczyk and Chad Mitten. The 7.44-mile project included paving Watson and Vigo roads from the Ross-Pike County line to U.S. Route 50 at Londonderry.

And in Pike County, Victor Picciano and Dale Hays, along with now-retired employees Mitch Fite and Brian Beekman, represented District 9’s Construction Department in the field as Shelly & Sands undertook a 6.46-mile resurfacing project on S.R. 220, from the western corporation limit of Waverly to County Road 81 (Schuster Road).