Worldwide Power Products Offers Special in Advance of 2014 Hurricane Season

Worldwide Power Products (WPP), a power generation equipment provider to industrial clients worldwide, today, in accordance with Hurricane Preparedness Week, announced that through June 2014, it will offer customers one bonus month in its Standby Generator Contingency Rental Program when five months are purchased. The program, which includes unlimited hours of emergency use for a competitive monthly fee, is designed to help companies plan and budget for the cost of disruptive weather events.

With the program, WPP helps customers identify the appropriate size backup portable generator and then either delivers and sets it up on site or stores it at WPP’s Houston facility until needed. In the event a company chooses to store the rental unit at WPP, WPP guarantees a generator will be available and can be delivered with proper notice – should the weather turn ominous. If the rental power is required for an emergency, the customer enjoys the benefit of unlimited hours with no additional charges.

“Emergency power is one of the most basic requirements for business continuity and employee safety,” said WPP Executive VP Mark Lum. “Knowing they have a guaranteed resource for emergency power gives our customers a safety net and removes one of the stresses of hurricane season, enabling them to go about their business.”

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