Mixer Trucks Promote Heart Health in St. Louis

Breckenridge Material Company, a St. Louis-based supplier of ready mix concrete, unveiled two custom-painted concrete trucks earlier this year. The bright red drums of the two mixer trucks are emblazoned with the logos of the American Heart Association and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The trucks are used routinely in the company's work, making them visible to tens of thousands of St. Louisians daily.

Breckenridge's trucks took almost a year of planning and coordination, and cost almost half a million dollars. The custom paint job is intended to build awareness for both of the featured organizations.

“The trucks are part of our everyday fleet, delivering concrete to projects large and small, from driveways to highways, all across the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. The secondary purpose of the trucks was to help build greater awareness for the American Heart Association and St. Louis Children’s Hospital,” said Nathan McKean, CEO of Breckenridge Material Company. “We (Breckenridge) wanted to find a way to support the community that we’ve served for almost 90 years and we thought this would be a great way to bring awareness to two great organizations that are saving lives in the St. Louis region.”

The American Heart Association’s Go Red logo was added to build awareness for their 11th National Wear Red Day, held on February 7th, the Go Red event acts as a reminder to the community to put their heart health first because heart disease is the number 1 killer of women and is more deadly than all forms of cancer combined.

“The Go Red for Women movement is about educating women and raising awareness about the No. 1 killer of women, heart disease,” said Jennifer Jaegar, executive director of the American Heart Association of St. Louis. “Women put off everything to take care of everyone else, but these red trucks will serve as a reminder to put their heart health first. We sincerely thank our friends at Breckenridge Materials for their support.”

The St. Louis Children’s Hospital logo was added to the other side of the trucks' drums because of Breckenridge Material Company’s ongoing support for St. Louis Children’s Hospital and their advancements in pediatric heart surgery and research.

“What better way to honor the children we serve than by sharing their message on the kind of great big truck many have in their toy boxes!" said Julie Reinke, director of major gifts at the St. Louis Children's Hospital Foundation. "We are so grateful to Breckenridge Materials for their support and for their help spreading the word about St. Louis Children's Hospital's mission - to do what's right for kids."

Founded in 1926, Breckenridge Material Company is a family-owned and operated company. Breckenridge is the largest supplier of ready mix concrete in the St. Louis region, and operates more than 30 plants in Missouri and Illinois.