NAPSA Responds to the Pandemic

NAPSA explains why power sweeping is an "essential service"

By now you may know that power sweeping is an essential service and if not, well, it is. Despite that being the case, we are finding that many local officials are unaware and could possibly cause issues with drivers being on the road during the shelter in place mandates. This is just one issue that power sweepers are dealing with during this challenging time.

The power sweeping industry is essential for a variety of reasons under the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) list of Essential Services. The ability to keep the hazardous waste off the surfaces allows for supply lines to continue to flow. Power sweeping also removes the “newly created” hazardous waste that is creeping into our environment. This waste would include the additional gloves, masks and wipes that are being tossed down on the ground daily. So, what would happen if those were left on the ground? Just like fugitive dust or toxic particulate, those hazardous waste products would find their way into our water sources. Do you really want to drink water that has been filtered through a face mask or cleaning wipe? Power sweeping is probably needed more now than ever in our history.

Just like those heroes on the front lines (medical staff), another superpower is power sweeping. Power sweeping has always enforced social distancing. Drivers are typically by themselves running their equipment and cleaning the world discretely. Power sweeping companies are cleaning their trucks and equipment before and after service. Using gloves, pickers and masks have always been a best practice protocol due to the nature of this business. Unfortunately, now, those personal protection items are in demand, so the power sweeping superhero struggles to keep themselves and those they love, protected. Despite this short come, they continue to do their work.

The North American Power Sweeping Association has developed a Covid-19 information page ( for sweepers. Under government information, there is a sample letter for state and local government. We are asking folks to use this template and contact your local and state government and ask that the words “power sweeping” be added to the essential services list. By doing so, this will make the critical work of power sweepers easier to perform and perhaps easier to get the personal protection equipment that they need to be safe. In the end, everyone needs to work together and get through the challenges we are facing. Helping us to education the public and government officials about this critical service will help everyone and the environment. Please contact the NAPSA office if you have any questions at 888-757-0130.