Now Is Not the Time to Go Dark

Why paving and pavement maintenance contractors need to market their business during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Almost all the many contractors we reached out to through April and into mid-May were cautiously content about the state of their business so far in 2020. A rare few weren’t working yet, and a few did indicate they are running what one termed “skeletal crews,” working in the field or around the yard. But most are working, though at a slightly slower pace than last year. Yes, some projects – especially large ones – have been put on hold. Yes, overlay and new construction paving seems to have taken the brunt of the impact. Yes, residential work has slowed most significantly as homeowners who might be out of work or concerned about finances delay driveway maintenance.

But this is not the time for your company to go dark.

Marketing and just plain old communication efforts are essential to the growth and possibly the survival of your business. Social media makes this easier and certainly less costly than more traditional direct-mail efforts, so utilize social media to the fullest. Let your customers know you are there and ready to work. Let them know any changes you’ve implemented to make work safer for your employees and your customers. Let them know you can develop and provide accurate bids from your office. Let them know you’re available for a video chat, just to check in and to see how their business is doing. And don’t forget the phone.  

You’ve spent years or decades developing your business. You took risks, made and executed blue sky plans, hired and supported workers and their families, been a good neighbor to local charities, and provided a boost to the local (and national) economy.

Now is not the time to become complacent – or worse, scared. Now is the time to double down on what you’ve done over the years, on what you can do now, and on what you plan on doing in the future. Now is the time to shine a light on your business; it’s not the time to go dark.