2-Ton Hot Box & Recycler

Falcon hot box keeps mix workable all day and overnight.

2 Ton Hatch Open 1
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Falcon's 2-Ton Hot Box & Recycler is available as a trailer-mounted machine or slip-in machine (truck-mounted/hook lift). This versatile Hot Box, like all Falcon Hot Boxes, can keep cold mix asphalt workable all day and keep hot mix asphalt hot all day and keep it overnight.

  • Reclaim and recycle asphalt chunks and millings
  • 4,000-lb. capacity
  • Single 105,000 BTU diesel burner with electronic spark ignite
  • Triple-wall insulated, air jacketed
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Heated shoveling platform
  • Options include hydraulic dump function, dual burner recycling package and 30-gal. tack tank with spray system and hose reel
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