IL Governor, Chicago Mayor Arguing Over Casinos, Transport Funding

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel politely tried to run each other off the road Tuesday in rival news conferences arguing about whether Quinn should sign a bill allowing casinos in Chicago and other places in the state now; whether Chicago needs casino tax revenues to fill its potholes; and whether mayors or governors should put their names on construction signs.

Though Emanuel said he understands Quinn’s qualms about casinos, Congress’ inability to pass a highway bill or a transit bill means the city needs new sources of money -- like tax money from a casino -- to pay for $7 billion in infrastructure needs. Quinn should sign the bill now, Emanuel said.

"There are some people that are in a rush, a rush," Quinn said in a simultaneous news conference. "I would urge the mayor again to sit down with the Gaming Board chairman, Judge Aaron Jaffe, and listen to what we need to do to regulate and make sure we keep the gambling operations in our state on the up and up."

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