Carmageddon Turns Out as 'Carmaheaven,' says LA Mayor

"Carmageddon," the feared traffic jam from the long-publicized weekend shutdown of the Los Angeles freeway, had a calm pass off and life was back to normal early Monday even as the county mayor termed it "Carmaheaven."

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Interstate 405 reopened almost a full day ahead of schedule Sunday afternoon.

A 10-mile stretch of the 405 Freeway remained closed beginning Friday night and was scheduled to end early Monday to help build the last remaining gap of the I-405 carpool lane network, which involved tearing down of half of the Mulholland Drive bridge. But the work finished 17 hours before expected.

Villaraigosa thanked "all Angelenos for heeding the call and staying in their neighborhoods."

"Thanks to their patience and cooperation, the city's roads and highways were practically empty," he said, calling it a "mission accomplished." Contractors and construction workers, who will now need to clear the 4,000 tons of rubble left behind, also won acclaim from the mayor.

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