Rouse: OLVs Rebound to 89.6% of Peak Values

The average of relative orderly liquidation values (OLV) for equipment owned by major rental firms fell 25.5% from November '06 to June '09, but now have rebounded to 10.4% below peak values, according to the May Rouse Construction Rental Report.

In the same period, Fair Market Values fell 17.5% and have rebounded to 4.7% below peak values. Forced Liquidation Values fell 35.2% and have risen 17.3% below peak values.

In other news from Rouse, April OLV index values for used equipment across the 14 major rental category indices tracked by Rouse increased .5% from March values. For the six months ending April 30, 2011, average index values increased 9.1%.

Eight of the top 14 category indices had one-month increases ranging from .2% for AWP-Scissor Lifts and High-Reach Forklifts to 2.7% for Loader-Backhoes. Three category index values remained unchanged from March including: AWP-Articulating Booms, Warehouse Forklifts and Generators. Air Compressors, Light Compaction and Excavators recorded modest one-month declines. For the six-month period from October 2010 to April 2011, 13 categories recorded increases ranging from 3.8% to 22.9%, while Light Compaction values fell slightly.