LOXAM Goes Live with RentalMan in 140 Locations Throughout France

Irvine, CA - Wynne Systems, an international provider of software for the equipment industry, has announced that Laho, a division of LOXAM, has gone live with RentalMan in 140 locations throughout France.

LOXAM is the largest equipment rental company in Europe, with headquarters in France and a rental network that extends across Western Europe and the United Kingdom. In 2007, LOXAM acquired Laho Equipment, the third largest equipment rental provider in France at the time.

"We are thrilled that the partnership between Wynne Systems and LOXAM continues to grow in importance in supporting LOXAM's strategic objectives throughout Europe," said Michael Stilwagner, vice president of sales and marketing for Wynne Systems. "The Laho launch was groundbreaking in that it was successfully implemented in French in all 140 locations using our GuiStyle, nonĀ ]green screen interface. The rigorous stability and scalability of RentalMan made this a seamless implementation."