New Road Milling Tools Offer Improved Rotation and Strong Holding Power

Kennametal Inc. has introduced "Road Razor II," an extension of its Road Razor line of road milling/stabilizing tools. The new tools feature an improved retainer clip design over the previous generation, which provides superior rotation in the machine; excellent penetration in rock, asphalt, and other tough, abrasive materials; and a strong fit for long service life. Like the original Road Razors, these have the forged body design with enhanced wear characteristics and the Kennametal-reliable tips, field-proven for good rotation and impact resistance in hard cuts.

According to Thomas Chudowski, Kennametal's product business manager - Global Road Construction, the new Road Razor II tools offer robust strength and durability for rugged milling and stabilizing applications. "The operators of milling machines want their tools to be efficient, productive, and stay in place for as long as possible," he says. "They will notice a marked improvement with the Road Razor II."

The Road Razor II products are offered in several tip styles and sizes. The "RZ" and "RP" Body Series has 0.76" (20mm) diameter shanks and the "SR" Body Series has 0.86" (22mm) shank diameters. For detailed specification information, please call 800.458.3608 or visit