Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA)

Concrete Polishing Industry Now Has Official Association

Contractors and manufacturers have expressed disappointment over the last year that the Concrete Polishing industry lacked structure and a formal identity. At the International Concrete Polishing and Staining Conference (ICPSC) 2009 Association Seminar the Technical Institute for Polished Concrete (TIPC) was challenged to take their efforts to the next level and create a formal trade organization to fill this void.

Announcing the Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA). The CPAA has 5 Board of Advisors and 20 board of directors that consist of 10 Concrete Polishing Contractors, 3 Chemical, 3 Equipment, 1 Dye and 1 Abrasive manufacturer, 1 Architectural Representative and 1 General Contractor. The TIPC has become the training division for the CPAA and continues to offer unbiased technical training and skill level accreditations. The CPAA's goal is to bring a higher level of credibility, unity, uniformity and education to the concrete polishing industry.

The Board of Advisors and Directors are some of the most recognized names in the industry who have the expertise and wherewithal to shape the future of the Concrete Polishing Industry.

The offices of the CPAA are located just outside Washington DC/Baltimore MD in Stevensville, Maryland. For more information email us at or call 817-253-5538 / 410-703-0376.

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