Precision Solar Controls' New SMC 1000 ST Solar Message Center Meets MUTCD Requirements

GARLAND, TEXAS - Now available from Precision Solar Controls (PSC) is a new cost-effective, MUTCD-compliant variable message sign, the SMC 1000 ST Solar Message Center.

The portable SMC 1000 ST Solar Message Center displays text messages on a 70-inch by 127-inch panel and features an on-board dedicated user-friendly NTCIP-compliant controller that provides easy programming with secure password protection. The message center uses five, high-intensity, solid-state LEDs per pixel to create more uniform light input for increased message definition and distance legibility of 1000 feet. Automatic intensity control provides optimum LED intensity.

The Solar Message Center is powered by a battery bank, which is continually recharged by a solar panel. The SMC 1000 ST battery bank is designed to provide 21 days of continuous operation without sunlight, and the solar panel array is designed to recover one day's power requirement in 2-1/2 hours. Because it is powered by solar energy, the threat of environmental contamination is eliminated.

"The new SMC 1000 ST Solar Message Center from Precision Solar Controls is cost effective, efficient and MUTCD compliant," said David Wilfong, vice president specialty products/PSC. "The ST message center is available with a variety of options designed to meet the varying specifications and requirements of the states."

Ideal for directing traffic flow, the SMC 1000 ST Solar Message Center comes with 250 pre-programmed text messages and 100 user-programmed messages in the system's computer, minimizing set-up time. Users program messages using a specially designed computer that reduces the number of keys required to program a message. The computer features specific keys for standard functions as well as automatic message centering.

Developed with the operator in mind, the SMC 1000 ST Solar Message Center has six lockable slide-out windows that provide easy access to components for replacement, providing reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

The SMC 1000 ST Solar Message Center comes with an industrial-grade structural steel trailer that features powder-coat paint and a 3,500-pound suspension system for stability and durability.

Several options are available with the SMC 1000 ST Solar Message Center: a remote communication system, radar, tilting and rotating solar panels, increased autonomy or recharge capabilities, trailer brake systems, a pintle ring and combination hitch, steel fenders, steel battery box, 6-Volt battery bank and custom paint.