NATM Publishes Trailer Handbook

Topeka, KS - The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) continues to work to improve the trailer industry through educating trailer users. The NATM's most recent effort is the publishing of The Trailer Handbook: A Guide to Understanding Trailers and Towing Safety. This 142-page book, authored by industry experts Richard Klein and Clint Lancaster, is an easy to follow handbook with useful information covering the essentials of trailers and towing safety.

The Trailer Handbook starts by discussing the dynamics of both the tow vehicle and trailer as a combination vehicle. The next section of the book details important aspects of the trailer, educating the reader on trailer components such as couplers, safety chains, lights, brakes and much more. The handbook then provides key considerations and general practices in maintaining trailers. The book concludes with appendices of helpful information, including a glossary of terms and resources for more research and information. The authors write: "We hope you find this collective information from decades of combined experience in the trailer industry useful and informative. It is our hope that this is one more step toward a better towing experience and a safer trailer industry."

What industry experts are saying about the book:

"Amazing job taking a tedious subject, melting it down to it's most basic bite-sized issues and gradually building you back with substantial knowledge of how to tow, how to load, what to look for...[the authors] did a fabulous job with this project... it took me years to pick this up and [they] put it into a two-hour read," says Mike Skoglund, vice president-operations, Carry-On Trailer.

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers was founded in 1987 and represents manufacturers that produce light- and medium-duty trailers. NATM members also include suppliers to the industry. Organized to promote, both to the trailer industry and to the public, universal recognition of safety and quality in trailer manufacturing, NATM works to improve the trailer industry through the promotion of compliance with its guidelines. The association currently has more than 800 member companies across the United States, Canada, Mexico and other foreign countries.

The Trailer Handbook is a 6" x 9" high-gloss soft cover with full-color pictures throughout the book and retails for $19.95. It is available for purchase from NATM ( and