Tensar International Acquires Endurablend Systems

Atlanta, GA - Tensar International Corp. (TIC), solutions for roadway improvement and pavement reinforcement, have acquired the assets and business of Endurablend Systems. With the acquisition, TIC adds a composite micro overlay system to its innovative product offering. The newly acquired business will relocate its headquarters to Atlanta and operate as a business unit under TIC's direction.

"We are very excited to add Endurablend to our suite of application solutions," says Robert Vevoda, Tensar International president and managing director. "We now can offer the marketplace a complete roadway solution, starting from surface treatment to asphalt reinforcement, base reinforcement and down to subgrade improvement, for paved and unpaved applications."

The Endurablend System is an advanced polymer cement slurry surfacing (PCSS) product that provides a flexible yet durable barrier over asphalt and concrete pavements. Composed of a unique acrylic compound mixed on-site with Type I Portland cement, specially sieved aggregate and other materials, Endurablend eliminates pavement raveling and spalling as it establishes a skid-resistant surface.

Easily applied with as little as 1/8-inch-thickness, the product sets quickly and resists breakdown from traffic, oxidation, freeze-thaw cycling, UV exposure, fuels and chemicals, and water and salt. In addition, it is more solar-reflective than asphalt and releases no toxins into the environment.

Endurablend's addition to the Tensar product line expands TIC's capabilities to improve roadway performance. When cracks are present, it is best used with the GlasGrid Pavement Reinforcement System, which reinforces pavement layers to reduce the effects of reflective cracking. Manufactured by Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics, the GlasGrid System is distributed exclusively by Tensar International.

With the Endurablend System, we now offer another solution to prolong the life of both asphalt and concrete surfaces," says Nicholas Reck, MSc.Eng., Pr.Eng., TIC application technology manager. "We're proud to extend our range of high-level engineering support for pavements from new construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation to maintenance and now pavement preservation.

"Tensar has always been at the forefront of innovative pavement solutions," he adds. "We will continue to challenge the limits of this field and look forward to becoming a leader in pavement preservation."