Superior Signals Adds New Halogen Rotator Mini Bars, LED Surface Light Modules and Strobe Mini Bars

New Halogen Rotator Mini Bars
The 24" L halogen rotator mini bars have a polycarbonate lens with a foam gasket permanent mounting base. The 12VDC units are rated at 90 ± 10 FPM per rotator with a 2 year warranty.

The 9380 Series is a two rotator unit with a diamond shaped center mirror to enhance the flashes. It is available with amber or clear dome; in addition there are 9 different filter configurations available in combinations of amber, clear, blue, and red with the clear dome.

The 9385 is a three rotator unit with two mirrors.  Also available with amber or clear dome, the clear dome offers 13 different configurations of amber, clear, blue, and red filters.

LED Surface Light Modules
Superior Signals has added two new surface mount LED modules to the Meteorlite ® series, SYLEDS04 and SYSE4.  Both are 2 -hole, flange mount modules with polycarbonate lenses and have 4 LEDs per head. 

Additional features include multi-module synchronization; simultaneous or alternate flashing; 19 built-in selectable flash patterns; non-volatile memory recalls the last flash pattern used at power up; LEDs rated to 100,000 hours of operation; reverse polarity protection; weatherproof and vibration resistant design suitable for interior or exterior use; and a 5 year warranty.

The SYLEDS04 is a 12VDC unit drawing a maximum .6AMP and is available with amber, blue, clear or red LEDs.  The SYSE4 has a variable voltage of 12-24VDC and a maximum draw of .56AMP at 12.8VDC and .28AMP at 25.6VDC with the options of amber, blue, clear, red or red/blue LEDs.

Strobe Mini Bars Are Newest Addition to Superior Signals' Meteorlite Series
Superior Signals has added two new strobe mini bars to their Meteorlite  Series.  These units are 24"L with an aluminum permanent mount base.  The lenses are polycarbonate with replaceable 12-24VDC Xenon flash tubes rated at 10 Joules per strobe, have epoxy encapsulated beacons, and carry 2 year warranties.

The 9390 Series is a two strobe mini bar available as two amber lenses with a clear dome, or clear lenses with amber dome.  A diamond shaped center mirror enhances the flashes (FPM: 70 ±10 per strobe).  The two strobes are pre-wired to alternate flash; however this can be changed to random flash by the user. 

The 9395 Series features three strobes with two mirrors to enhance the flashes.  The two side strobes are pre-wired to alternate flash while the central strobe flashes randomly; the flashing sequence can also be changed by the user. Available as three amber lenses with clear dome or three clear lenses with amber dome.