NAPA Publishes RAP Brochure

Lanham, MD - The National Asphalt Pavement Association announces the release of a new publication, How to Increase RAP Usage and Ensure Pavement Performance.

This 8-page brochure is designed to persuade pavement owners that RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) can be successfully incorporated into new asphalt mixtures, and that is is possible to increase the percent of RAP while maintaining consistency, quality and performance.

In reader-friendly Q&A format, it addresses some of the most frequently asked agency questions concerning asphalt reuse/recycling. Also included is a bibliography of RAP resources.

How to Increase RAP Usage and Ensure Pavement Performance (order number PS-34) is available from NAPA and costs $45 for a package of 25. Orders can be placed at NAPA's online store at or by e-mailing .