Griffin Non-Clog Pumps

These pumps are capable of delivering flow over 17,000 gpm and head capacities of 240 ft.  or more.  Griffin non-clog pumps are an ideal solution for sewer bypasses, flood control, sumping, or any other application requiring high volume and the ability to move trash laden effluent.


  • Available in flows from a few gallons per minute to over 17,000 gallons per minute
  • Discharge heads of 240ft. and more
  • Non-clog impeller handles stringy materials and solids up to 41/2" and larger
  • Large clean out port for removal of large debris over 41/2" without removing suction pipe or hose
  • Available in vaccum-assist, diaphragm prime or compressor prime
  • Available with electric or diesel powered engines
  • Internal fuel tanks for 24 hour operation on most models
  • Trailer mounted and sound-attenuated options available on certain models
  • Operates efficiently in a wide variety of conditions
  • Rugged, quality construction
  • Hose, fittings, and other accessories available