Dri-Eaz Releases New Videos, Mini-Site on LGR 7000XLi Dehumidifier

Dri-Eaz has launched a mini-website to help customers understand the features and benefits of the new 7000XLi dehumidifier. This new LGR dehumidifier, designed and manufactured in the U.S. by Dri-Eaz Products, delivers market-leading performance. 

The web page – directly accessible at www.Dri-Eaz.com – includes links to product videos, customer testimonials and detailed 7000XLi specifications.

“Our goal is to put all the information possible into the hands of our customers,” said John Ormsby, president of Dri-Eaz Products. “Once customers experience all of the advantages of this dehumidifier, I know they’re going to like what they see.”

The 7000 webpage also includes links to the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, which will feature inside information and special offers for customers who “like” or “follow” Dri-Eaz.

The 7000XLi dehumidifier, which started shipping in late December, is the same size as a Dri-Eaz Evolution or Phoenix R200. Weighing only 107 pounds, the unit is highly maneuverable Given its size and water removal capacity – 130 pints/61.5 liters per day at AHAM and 40 percent better low-humidity performance than competitive units – the 7000 sets a new standard for compact low grain dehumidifiers.

Customers are already praising not only the 7000’s performance but also the superiority of its portability, design and time-saving features like its built-in display for inlet and outlet temperature and relative humidity.

“Hands down, this unit is the best performing XL category dehumidifier on the market,” said Ormsby. “Our customers are already telling us that this unit will become the mainstay of their dehumidifier lineup.”

“Whether you look at the engineering, the quality of the design and build, or the performance, the LGR 7000XLi is unmatched,” said Ormsby. “And it blows the R200, our closest competitor, out of the water.”