John Deere Power Systems Announces Naming Convention, Power Ratings for Final Tier 4/Stage IV Engines

John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) has announced the naming convention and power ratings for its complete Final Tier 4/Stage IV mobile off-highway diesel engine lineup.

Building on previous tier nomenclature, John Deere Final Tier 4/Stage IV engine names will start with the PowerTech brand and add a three-letter suffix that specifies the engine's technology package. For Final Tier 4/Stage IV, the three letters will identify the engine's technology platform, turbocharger and aftertreatment, respectively. An example of a John Deere Final Tier 4/Stage IV engine name is PowerTech PSS 6.8L.

All John Deere Final Tier 4/Stage IV engines with power ratings 56 kW (75 hp) and above are designated "P" indicating the Tier 3/Stage III A PowerTech Plus technology platform that features 4-valve cylinder heads, cooled exhaust gas recirculation, full-authority electronic controls, high-pressure fuel systems and air-to-air aftercooling. These engines utilize a variable geometry turbocharger (designated "V"), series turbochargers ("S") or a wastegate turbocharger ("W"). Aftertreatment technology for engines 56 kW (75) hp and above includes an exhaust filter and selective catalytic reduction — a combination that is designated "S."

John Deere engines with power ratings below 56 kW (75 hp) are designated "E" to indicate the PowerTech E technology platform that includes 2-valve cylinder heads, full-authority electronic controls, high-pressure common-rail fuel system and air-to-air aftercooling. These engines utilize a wastegate turbocharger (designated "W") and an exhaust filter ("X").

"Our Final Tier 4/Stage IV naming convention provides customers with simple, familiar identification of our engine models," said Doug Laudick, manager of product planning at John Deere Power Systems.

Models and power ratings for the complete John Deere Final Tier 4/Stage IV engine lineup include:

  • PowerTech EWX 2.9L: 37 kW – 55 kW (50 hp – 74 hp)
  • PowerTech EWX 4.5L: 55 kW (74 hp)
  • PowerTech PWS 4.5L: 63 kW – 104 kW (85 hp – 140 hp)
  • PowerTech PSS 4.5L: 93 kW – 129 kW (125 hp – 173 hp)
  • PowerTech PVS 6.8L: 104 kW – 187 kW (140 hp – 250 hp)
  • PowerTech PSS 6.8L: 168 kW – 224 kW (225 hp – 300 hp)
  • PowerTech PSS 9.0L: 187 kW – 317 kW (250 hp – 425 hp)
  • PowerTech PSS 13.5L: 298 kW – 448 kW (400 hp – 600 hp)