United Rentals Inc.

United Rentals Issues First Corporate Responsibility Report

United Rentals Inc. announced the release of its first annual Corporate Responsibility Report. The 2010-2011 report documents the company's activities related to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, diversity, ethics, occupational health and safety, and corporate governance. The complete report is available online at www.ur.com/sustainable-growth.

Michael Kneeland, chief executive officer of United Rentals, said, "In addition to financial performance, we focus every day on creating value through the way we serve customers, interact as an organization, and make thousands of daily decisions about the way we conduct business. We are committed to being part of a solution that is larger than any one company or industry."

Jenne Britell, chairman of the board of United Rentals, said, "We are fortunate to have such a strong and diverse board completely aligned with management on the subject of corporate responsibility. Our recent merger with RSC gives us an opportunity to break new ground with the integration of best practices from our collective cultures."

The United Rentals Corporate Responsibility Report complies with the disclosure and reporting requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and meets the GRI B application level.