Tilt-Up Concrete Association

TCA Annual Convention Educational Sessions Will Focus on Evolving

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) has announced the educational sessions for its upcoming Annual Convention, to be held at Omni Amelia Island Plantation in Amelia Island, Fla., October 2-4.

With a theme of “Evolution,” sessions will support the following concepts:

  • The evolving competition – The competitive advantage or the edge that makes or breaks your company is challenged by competition. This competition may be literal as in a contractor with the same skills or capabilities. The competition may be parallel as in another building method or material. This competition may also be figurative as in our own corporate ideals, configuration and culture.
  • Evolutionary design – The door has been opened and Tilt-Up is considered among the most versatile delivery methods for an impressive array of building types and programs. Design creativity is the primary vehicle for continued growth and can be evidenced in both architectural and engineering solutions.
  • The evolution of business practices – Responsibly managing your human resources, understanding the intricacies of labor law, successfully implementing risk management, these are all critical components of good business practices, know them.
  • Evolutionary marketing – Challenged by new markets, new clients and a new economy, the way that we communicate our expertise and potential needs to continuously be reevaluated. Understand who your customer is and what they need, then develop a language they can understand and appreciate. Learn to manage and utilize, as appropriate, the full range of ever expanding platforms and mediums.
  • Sustainable evolution – Tilt-Up has many inherit benefits that contribute to the sustainability of our environment. Understanding these benefits, their applications and how to sell them are critical to the continued acceptance of Tilt-Up as an environmentally responsible form of construction.
  • Framework evolution – Policies and codes play an important role in shaping our industry. Understand current pressures and changing conditions, how your industry trade association is advocating for your business, as well as your role in affecting that framework.

Sessions will be held on Wednesday and Thursday. The TCA Convention Program offers more in depth description and specific information on the sessions.