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Coneqtec Corp. Announces Sale of Its Interests in TerraQuip

Coneqtec Corp. announces the sales of its interests in TerraQuip Construction Products, Inc. Coneqtec and its family of companies which include Universal Construction Products, Universal Bingham, and BIC will continue its strategy of increasing their production capabilities and developing new products and product lines.

Coneqtec Corporation, Inc., headquartered in Wichita, KS, is an engineering and manufacturing company that has developed heavy duty attachments and hydraulic kits for skid steer, backhoe, compact and utility loaders since 1990. Coneqtec also owns Universal Construction Products, Inc., Universal Bingham, Inc. and the majority interest in Burlington Installation Corporation, Inc (BIC). The Coneqtec group has facilities located in Iowa, Indiana, Kansas and England. The company has an international network of dealers to provide products and services worldwide.