Orion Software

Orion Software Announces SiriusSMM

Orion Software announces the launch of SiriusSMM, an integrated Service Management Module (SMM). Developed over multiple years, the SMM is the response to the market change where more and more rental companies are offering services and more services companies are getting involved in equipment rental.

“The merge of the two markets (rental and services) is happening fast as end-user customers are demanding better quality of services and a turn-key solution where both are managed by the same provider," says Patrice Boivin, president and CEO of Orion Software. "They also need a provider that can do the maintenance of their own assets and rent additional ones when they need them. It's a great tool for equipment outsourcing."

The module is fully integrated to the rental solution. It combines rental, sales and field services in the same invoice while managing the employee, the equipment maintenance and the transport routing required to serve customers. There's no need to have two separate solutions anymore. 

"Orion made it seamless, simple and efficient for users facing customers while offering efficient tools to manage maintenance, employee scheduling, field services and transport routing," said Boivin.

SiriusSMM is a value-added module for the Sirius Pro rental software. SiriusSMM will optimize SiriusPro rental software by integrating all revenues in one solution.