SC&RA Supports Coalition Opposing Tolling I-95 in Virginia and North Carolina

SC&RA has made a financial contribution to the transportation coalition opposing tolling on sections of I-95 in both North Carolina and Virginia.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation and Virginia’s Governor Robert McDonnell have floated tolling proposals to fund needed maintenance and improvement of the aging Interstate route connecting New England to Florida. Both states are trying to bridge the gap between projected shortfalls from current funding sources such as the gas and diesel tax and the cost of needed repairs and improvements.

“SC&RA joins ATA, NATSO (the travel center association) and the coalition opposing adding tolls on I-95," said Joel Dandrea, executive vice president of SC&RA. "Tolling is a costly and inefficient way to fund transportation projects, unfairly burdens local people where toll plazas are located and increases traffic on side roads as drivers avoid the toll roads. If additional transportation funds are needed we believe there are more efficient and effective means than tolls and costs should be fairly spread across all transportation users.”

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