Terex Corporation

Terex Woodsman Continues to Strengthen its North American Distribution

Terex has signed a distributor agreement with FMI Sales (Fiber Marketing International) to be a full-service distributor servicing Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Montana.  FMI sales is an authorized Compact Terex Dealer for Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

FMI Sales began as a mulch marketing company founded in 1991 by Earl Dahlin. In 1998, David Kopp, sales manager, partnered with Dahlin to bring in the Finn line of hydroseeders, barkblowers and strawblowers. Fiber Marketing International Inc. today operates under the name FMI Sales and has a strong inventory of construction equipment as well as now adding Terex Woodsman equipment to its business.

"The addition of the Terex Woodsman Chippers compliments the Terex PT-100G Forestry products and will allow us the opportunity for cross-selling to our existing customer base," says Dave Kopp, president of FMI.

FMI is committed to Terex Woodsman and has signed an initial stocking order for both rent, and retail sales. FMI prides itself the highest level of service to ensure their continuing relationship with the customer, and their future success.

"We are delighted to be able to welcome FMI to sell our products," says Barry DeLau II, Terex Woodsman’s general manager. "This further strengthens our distributor network in North America. As an existing Terex Construction Distributor, FMI has a strong service and support ethic, they are an ideal choice to partner with and we look forward to developing our working relationship in the future."