Luber-Finer Adds 140 New On- and Off-Road Filtration Products

Since June 2012, Luber-finer has introduced 140 new filtration products for use in on-road and off-road applications including:

  • 64 Fuel Filters
  • 31 Air Filters
  • 24 Hydraulic Filters
  • 17 Lube Filters
  • 3 Coolant Filters
  • 1 Gasket Kit

All of these new products are currently in stock and have been priced for immediate sale. Luber-finer is committed to a comprehensive, aggressive new product introduction process in 2013 and will be updating its New Product list frequently. You can also search for all Luber-finer filtration products via its mobile site and parts look-up tool. The mobile site phone app is supported on smartphones and other mobile devices, including Android, iPhone and Blackberry.