Governor Launches "Virginia's Road to the Future" Website

Background information and supporting documents are on "Virginia’s Road to the Future," the comprehensive, long-term transportation funding plan proposed by Governor Bob McDonnell, is now available on a new website.

Speaking about the launch, Secretary of Transportation Sean T. Connaughton says, “We encourage all Virginians to become better informed on the issues facing Virginia’s transportation funding challenges and to learn about the innovative solution proposed by Gov. McDonnell. It is critical that we act now to ensure that our transportation system does not hinder prosperity, growth and opportunity in the commonwealth.”

The new website is available to those interested in learning more about the governor’s proposal to increase funding for the commonwealth’s transportation system. Some of the features on the site include:

  • Proposed transportation project list
  • Comprehensive frequently asked questions
  • Financial breakdowns
  • Factsheets
  • Legislative information
  • Endorsements and supporters

Gov. McDonnell’s plan will provide more than $3.1 billion in transportation funding for the commonwealth over the next 5 years, including $1.8 billion for new construction.

It will end the state’s crossover issue, in which money meant for construction is currently diverted to simple maintenance.

The plan ties future transportation funding to economic growth and makes Virginia the first state in the nation to eliminate its gas tax, a rapidly declining revenue source. The full plan is available  here.