Wagner Meters

Wagner Meters Offers Online Moisture Testing Training and Certificate

Relative humidity (RH) testing is the most accurate option for testing moisture conditions in a concrete slab, and Wagner Meters offers an additional level of certainty for ensuring complete industry compliance and test accuracy through its Rapid RH training and testing program.

The Importance of Moisture Testing

As every professional flooring installer knows, accuracy is critical for durable flooring installation, and that accuracy extends not only to the test method itself but also to the professional who uses it. With a more complete understanding of the history and science of concrete moisture testing, every flooring professional can choose the best test method and proceed with confidence.

Wagner Meters offers online training through a series of short, informative videos from industry experts. Each participant is taken through basic concrete drying processes, historical test methods, the science behind various test methods, and real-world jobsite Q&As. For those requiring a record of their new knowledge, a test and certificate of completion are also available for a small fee.