Bergkamp Inc

Bergkamp Recognized For Leadership & Family-Friendly Employee Programs

The Salina Human Resource Management Association recently presented Bergkamp Inc. with its 2012 Diversity Award. The company was recognized for its valuable contributions to the human resources field, especially in the areas of leadership-team engagement and family friendly policies.

Throughout 2012, Bergkamp undertook several initiatives to increase the diversity and growth of its employees. Most notable, it developed programs to increase communication and knowledge sharing among employees and departments and helped its employees better understand the benefits of personal financial stability and how to achieve it.

“These new initiatives looked at the health, both physically and mentally, of all our employees to help us provide customers with the best products and support possible,” commented Scott Bergkamp, President of Bergkamp Inc. “Our employees are the company’s best competitive advantage and this award exemplifies our dedication to our employees, our community and our industry.”

Bergkamp developed the communication and leadership capability of its management in order to create a company culture that can achieve desired results even as change occurs. The company’s core values of proactive customer support/service attitude, doing the right thing, quality and respect for people are the cornerstone of this program. Through educational sessions and team meetings, the company has created a more open communication environment from the top down that helps all employees ensure they communicate their ideas, knowledge and experiences more precisely.

Everyone is more aware of how their words and the actions of their department affect that status of the other employees and departments within the company. Bergkamp plans to continue to build on its success and add to the program throughout 2013. In addition to applying these skills at Bergkamp, employees can apply these techniques in their personal lives and outside activities, improving overall employee well-being.

Bergkamp was also recognized for its employee financial health program. The company paired with the Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) of Salina to hold educational classes on basic budgeting, how to rate your credit report and how to budget for the holidays. These classes were held over lunch so they did not interfere with employees’ personal lives. The goal of the program was to reduce financial hardship and the related stress that employees may have and create more financially savvy employees that can provide financial stability for their families and better plan for their future.