VMAC Supports Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day

VMAC's more than 80 coworkers recently donned bright pink shirts to demonstrate their support of Canada's Anti-Bullying Day. Big smiles, lots of jokes and nary a grumble accompanied the brightly clad coworkers as they went about their busy day on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

The company staff enthusiastically posed for individual photos and a big group shot, to demonstrate their pleasure at taking part in the unique event. "People really came together for this," said a delighted Tanya Williams from VMAC's finance department, and the mastermind behind the idea to bring all VMAC workers together for this great awareness cause.

Cries of "Show Your Pink!" sounded around the facility today as everyone admired the new, colourful uniform. Many of the production floor workers (machinists, assemblers etc.) went the extra mile and wore their bright pink shirts over their work coveralls and shop coats.

A few coworkers took advantage of a black shirt with a pink design option. "I want to be able to wear this shirt regularly," said Rick Duifhuis, VMAC's Customer Care Manager.

Staff who were away on the event day expressed disappointment that they could not participate on site for Pink Shirt Day. "I'll wear my shirt at my training class," said Marketing Coordinator Carolyn Braun. "That way I'll be there in spirit!"