A.R.E. Commercial Division

A.R.E. Makes One-Key Lock Technology Standard on Commercial Truck Caps

In a move benefiting commercial fleet managers to contractors who rely on trucks for their livelihood, A.R.E. has partnered with STRATTEC Security Corporation to make its BOLT one-key locks standard equipment on all A.R.E. Deluxe Commercial Unit (D.C.U.) pickup caps and Site Commander units.

DCU Truck Caps with BOLT Technology

Now, A.R.E. truck cap owners can experience reduced downtime caused by lost and broken keys or having the wrong keys at jobsites, while minimizing the frequency of theft, through BOLT high-quality locks, which are permanently programmable to a specific ignition key. Equipping A.R.E. commercial truck caps with BOLT OEM-grade lock cylinders eliminates the need for multiple keys to operate the truck as well as the truck cap, toolboxes and doors. BOLT technology enables any number of locks to be configured to a single key.

With BOLT technology, drivers insert their ignition key into the lock cylinder, enabling spring-loaded plate tumblers to move up and down until they are matched exactly to that key. The first time the key is rotated, the cylinder is uniquely coded to only that key. When the key is removed, the cylinder moves into the locked position and only rotates to the unlocked position again when that key is inserted