Point-of-Rental Integrates Web Links Within New Contract Formats

Point-of-Rental Systems recently implemented Web Links within PDF documents being emailed to rental store customers.

The new Web Link feature enables rental store customers to effortlessly connect to a rental store through PDF documents such as quotes, reservations, contracts, invoices and more. Clickable links are embedded into the PDF documents with access to the store’s website, mapping services, equipment specifications, and safety and warning instructions. When this option is enabled, the store’s logo and name become a hyperlink to their website at the top of each contract. In addition, the store’s address becomes a link to Google Maps. All the customer has to do is provided his or her current location to have turn-by-turn directions to the rental store.

Many rental stores maintain full-service websites with inventory listings, including featured item pictures, specifications, available options and much more. Unfortunately, these online services tend to be underutilized because they are not easily accessed. With Web Links, rental stores with integrated websites can offer their customer an interactive experience when viewing quotes, reservations, or rental contracts by clicking the various web links directly in the document they are viewing. While on the go, a customer can now access their contract and click through to the operating instructions easily when they have a question. Because rental store customers demand conveniences that add value, this Web Links feature is sure to enhance the overall customer experience.

Web Link icons are operational from computers, smartphones and tablets, placing important information directly in the customer's hands. This is just one of the many new innovative ideas that Point-of-Rental has implemented in their software, keeping rental stores on the cutting edge of technology.