March 2013 Rental-Fleet Resale Values Up 3.9% at Auction

March Orderly liquidation values (OLV) indices for used equipment across fourteen categories of rental-equipment inventory tracked by Rouse increased 0.3% from February values. For the six months ending March 31, 2013, average index values are up 0.9%.

Eight of the fourteen category indices recorded one-month increases ranging from 0.2% for loader backhoes to 2.0% for scissor lift aerial work platforms and skid steer loaders.

March auction sales of rental and construction equipment tracked by Rouse averaged 3.9% higher than Rouse February forced liquidation value (FLV) values. Rouse recorded 3,443 units that sold at 27 separate auction sales conducted across North America. The units represented a combined FLV (as of February 28) of $82.9 million and generated $86.1 million of gross auction proceeds.

Orderly liquidation values (OLV) for benchmark models within each equipment category are expressed as a percentage of replacement cost (average cost paid for a new equipment unit by large rental companies and dealers) for the average age of equipment sold within that category.

OLV is derived from both retail (fair market value) and auction (forced liquidation value) sales data collected from rental companies, dealers and the public auction market.

PDF: Rouse Rental Report, April 2013