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Volvo Plans to Launch 60 New Road Products by 2016

Over the next three years, Volvo CE will launch a number of state-of-the-art road building machines, offering reduced noise and emissions, greater fuel and operational efficiency as well as unparalleled operator comfort.

Dating back to the first Champion motor graders of 1886, Volvo CE has a long and illustrious past in the road machinery sector. Defined by innovation after innovation, this legacy is set to continue as the company enters a new era of road building excellence.

Over the next three years, Volvo CE plans to add to its already extensive portfolio of road building products with its most advanced and energy efficient range yet. Coinciding with the latest North American and European emissions legislation, the plethora of new models has Volvo’s road machinery designers and engineers firing on all cylinders.

“By 2016 Volvo CE will have launched more than 60 new road products,” says Sam Wyant, program manager of Volvo CE’s Global Road Program. “We will be in a position to offer highway contractors everything, from a skid steer loader to an excavator, a truck, a paver, a milling machine, a wheel loader or articulated hauler – pretty much everything that is used in the building of new roads and in the refurbishment and maintenance of existing ones.”

“But our work doesn’t stop there,” he adds. “Our aim is not just to be the among the most comprehensive supplier in the road-building business – but the best.”

For those not willing to wait for the 65-strong range of groundbreaking new machines to hit the market there is already a steady stream of new road products available from Volvo. At this year’s bauma exhibition we see the arrival of the P6870C paver [not yet available in North America] – and the innovative fume extraction system. These come hot on the heels of other recent introductions, the Volvo’s P7820C and P8820C ABG tracked asphalt pavers and DD25 double-drum compactor.

The new fume extraction system, available as an option on the C-series ABG pavers, offers a new way of removing fumes from the operator’s working environment that increases both efficiency and visibility – and was one of three finalists in the machinery component category of the bauma Innovation Awards.

Boosting engine performance

“In further protecting the environment, the Stage 3B/Tier 4 Interim emissions legislation demanded major changes to existing engine technology. But at the same time the new standards inspired Volvo CE’s designers to seize the opportunity to boost performance even further,” says Sam.

More power, however, was one consideration. Another was better fuel efficiency.

“Paving jobs do not require full engine power all of the time, which is why the P6870C, P7820C and P8820C are equipped with a smart power mode. This lowers RPM to match the demand for power – and leads to fuel savings of up to 30%,” says Sam.

Volvo CE customers can expect to find the smart power mode as standard in many of the new models launched over the next few years.

As always with Volvo CE, operator comfort – and therefore operating efficiency – is also a continuing priority

A smoother ride

“In our P6870C, P7820C and P8820C pavers, noise levels have been significantly reduced, via both the engine and the new sound-lowering components. This should please both operators and the general public, especially so when machines are used in urban areas,” explains Sam.

Operator fatigue is also minimized by a large, ergonomically designed working environment that offers a commanding all-round view, as well as by an adjustable sitting position and a control panel that can be swiveled, tilted and extended.

The machines’ latest intuitive Electronic Paver Management 2 system, with its large color screen, controls all paving processes. It also monitors fuel consumption, provides maintenance alerts and saves machine settings so they can be recalled when similar work conditions reoccur.

Customers of the new B-Series generation of Volvo motor graders will also benefit from the latest control technology. Two joysticks, situated to the left and right of the operator seat, offer superb, sensitive control, and are particularly suited to low-speed fine grading work. The multifunction joysticks control the steering, the moldboard and other hydraulic functions, such as machine’s articulation and transmission.

As for the DD25 high frequency compactor, it offers a new fuel-efficient three-cylinder diesel engine; increased travel speeds while maintaining the correct impact spacing; a pressurized water system on both the front and rear drums to eliminate asphalt pick-up; and exceptional all-round visibility.

Long road to today’s success

‘At Volvo CE we have a world-class and comprehensive range of products with a great history behind them,” concludes Sam. “But our best years are still ahead of us, with new products coming out over the next few years that will go beyond anything we’ve ever done before.”

“With reduced noise and emissions, greater fuel and operational efficiency, as well as unparalleled operator comfort, our new generation of road machines will place us right at the heart of the road building sector – which is precisely where we want to be.”